I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Alfonso's adventure

4th Dec 2013

All we can say is...

It was the moment we've all been waiting for from the day "Calrton Banks" trended worldwide on Twitter just over three weeks ago.

Last night Alfonso Ribeiro did The Carlton Dance(tm)! Not only did he do it, he taught the other campmates how to do it too.

Watch Alfonso finally do The Carlton Dance

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3rd Dec 2013

As we approach the finale of this year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! there's one question on an entire nation's mind.

Who will win? Nah! It's this...

Make your prediction by taking our Carlton Dance poll!

You never know. If we all listen to Tom Jones enough... we may just get lucky.

25th Nov 2013

Poor Alfonso hasn't been a happy bunny over the last few days.

Last night The Artist Formerly Known As Carlton Banks blew a fuse when the other campmates dared to *gasps* make him do the washing up.

We're so concerned it's time to ask a very serious question...

Let's just pray that nobody asks Alfonso to dry up tonight.

Cheer up Alfonso... we all love you!

23rd Nov 2013

It's a crazy world. One man can change all that.

What could bring hope, joy and laughter to millions and billions of people?

Alfonso "Carlton Banks" Ribiero knows what he has to do... but when will he do it?

Predictions in the poll please!

22 Nov 2013

Alfonso has hardly seen an episode of I'm A Celebrity...but he seems to be bearing up quite well considering. This is Alfonso's adventure...

Today we ask the question: What can turn an actor/friend of Will Smith/high profile celebrity from THIS...

To THIS...
ANSWER: Marshmallows. As you were.

19th Nov 2013

Alfonso has made a new camp BFF by playing a game of Six Degrees Of Separation involving Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Turns out Carlt-sorry, Alfonso and David Emanual have worked together before without realising it. They were both on the bill of a variety show called Night Of A Hundred Stars 2 way back in 1985.

"Darling!" said David. "Then we've done all this before!"

It is crazy that we actually worked together, on the same stage on the same night... and to find that in the Australian jungle is... it's pretty far away to find that."

Alfonso Ribeiro

18th Nov 2013

Well this is a story all 'bout how Alfonso's life got flipped turned upside down...

Let's chart Alfonso's journey on his first day on a show he's barely watched before.

Probably not expecting this...
Or to be hunting for campmates...
Still, a nice lie down helped Alfonso relax into jungle life.
Yes, Alfonso, this really IS going to be your next three weeks in the jungle.
Cheer up Carlt-sorry, Alfonso. There's always the Australian weather.

What awaits our jungle noob tonight? Tune in at 9pm!

Watch Alfonso undergo the Turntable of Terror

Watch Alfonso jump out of a plane and into I'm A Celeb...

17th Nov 2013

Alfonso has barely seen an episode of I'm A Celebrity... and after thirteen series we more than welcome a fresh pair of eyes.

What discoveries will he make?

What revelations await the man formerly known as Carlton Banks?

This is our journal of his jungle discoveries... enjoy!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here