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Disaster Chef: What's on the menu?

Grubs up! And there's plenty of specials on offer in the Jungle's very own Disaster Chef kitchen. Take a look at the curious cuisine on the menu for Jorgie and Lady Colin and see what dishes take your fancy. Might we suggest the Apri-Croc Tagine?

Spanish Vomlette

Spanish Vomlette with a sprinking of cockroaches
Spanish Vomlette with a serving of crickets

Jungle nutrition: Crunch your way to protein with a sprinkling of crickets and cockies! Insects are thought to provide the highest-quality protein on the planet and were once hailed as the 'future of food'!

Spaghetti Ball-naise

Spaghetti Ball-naise: Beach worms and turkey testicles

Jungle nutrition: Not only is turkey a rich source of protein, it's also a good source of zinc, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Well, that's what they say about turkey breast anyway...

Balls Mariniere

Balls Mariniere with fish eyes
That's Balls Mariniere with pigs eyes

Jungle nutrition: Forget the mussels, all eyes are on this dish - quite literally. An old notion states that eating certain animal parts might strengthen similar body parts, and while fish and pig eyes might not be good for the tastebuds, they might well be brilliant for the eyes!

Gar-lick Bread

Gar-lick bread topped with ostrich tongue

Jungle nutrition: Why bother with plain or cheesy garlic bread when you can add a healthy serving of ostrich? High in protein and low in fat, ostrich could be the meat you've always dreamed of.

Roasted Pars-lips

Roasted Pars-lips - camel lips

Jungle nutrition: A prized meat in the Middle East, camel is fairly tough and could definitely benefit from a good eight to ten hours in the slow cooker. As well as some extreme hair removal.

Apri-Croc Tagine

Apri-Croc Tagine with crocodile penis
Apri-Croc Tagine with crocodile anus

Jungle nutrition: Low in fat, full of protein, and contains a lower amount of cholesterol than most other meats - crocodile anus and penis could be the superfood for you!

Think you could chow down on some Jungle grub? Take a look at our behind the scenes snaps from when Jorgie and Lady Colin took a bite of the action.

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here