Extra Camp: All About Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is dusting off his Jungle gear as he swaps his camp bed for the Extra Camp sofa! The actor and former Campmate joins I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp to host alongside Emily Atack and Joel Dommett. But is Mr Bushtucker Trial REALLY ready to get reacquainted with the critters?

Hi Adam! Welcome to team Extra Camp!

Thanks, it’s quite overwhelming! I’m just happy I’ve been given this opportunity to get in front of the camera and do some presenting. I’ve never done anything like this before… Joel and Emily are great so just to be a part of the team, I’m very lucky.

Joel is obviously the old hat here, he’s done Extra Camp before. Has he given you any advice or any tips?

Joel was actually one of the first guys that I called when I found out I was doing it. I think he knew but it’s just so nice to see a familiar face. I haven’t seen Joel for years really but when you’ve not seen a good friend for so long, it doesn’t matter. You just pick up from where you left off and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

As a Campmate you were known for your reactions to the bugs. Are you nervous about being back among the critters?

I’m not looking forward to going back to the Jungle itself. I know I’ll probably have to do a few more Bushtucker Trials when I’m out there, which I’m not looking forward to, especially if they involve spiders. You’d think my Jungle experience would’ve squashed my fear, but no I’m still s*** scared of them!

So what are the bits you ARE excited about?

Just the whole experience itself. Going back there as well, it’s been three or four years and just to see all the crew and to work with these people as well. Hopefully I’ll be like a sponge and learn as much as I can from Joel, Emily and everyone else.

What are you hoping to bring the Extra Camp audience?

The show is always fun, isn’t it? I think we just want to keep it as fun as possible so that people tune in to have a good laugh.

Do you have a favourite I’m A Celeb..! moment?

Dean Gaffney, that Bushtucker Trial [laughs]. It was the best Trial I’ve ever seen! We still talk about it today, he’s brilliant. And who was the guy that put his hands on the holes, the butler? Paul Burrell! The noises!

And obviously Ant and Dec are back together this year. Are you excited to see them, have you been speaking to them at all?

I just had a chat with them, it’s nice to be able to watch them do their thing and just learn as much as I can from them two as well really. I’m very, very lucky. It’ll just be nice to see them when I’m not covered in s***.