I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

In pictures: Snakes get up in Ferne 'Britney' McCann's face

With the end in sight our Campmates are suddenly very keen to get involved with Trials and Challenges, volunteering for every potentially terrifying opportunity that comes along.

Ferne was eager to get one more Trial under her belt and put herself forward for the Panic Pit Part Two. You've seen the video now, now see all the action up close and in pictures.

A few deep breaths. That should do it Ferne
You're going to have to lie down Ferne
Ant and Dec do their best 'concerned'faces
We're just going to let a couple of little snakes in now. Just 40 or so...
The problem with snakes is they just don't have any boundaries
These really are Ant and Dec's concerned faces. Time to worry...
Light's off and that snake's getting a bit over-friendly
If only Ferne had volunteered fir the Dingo Dollar Challenge instead...
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here