I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

In Pictures: All the emotions of the Jungle skydive

Nothing says 'welcome to the Jungle' like being forced to jump out of a helicopter, right?That's the reality that Emily and Malique faced as they took to the skies to join their Campmates, because what goes up must come down. Down, down, down... 12,000 feet to the meeting point.Take a look at all the emotions our poor Celebs went through as they faced their fears and took a leap of faith above the glistening Australian coastline.

First comes disbelief...
...then full on fear
Emily kicks things off with some classic denial
Time to focus for Malique...
Ah, the sudden realisation that this is really happening
...while Emily is full of terror
Yep, still terrified
But Malique's now living his best life!
That's some serious elation right there
But it's just sweet, sweet relief for Emily as she touches solid ground.
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here