In Pictures: Andy's Outback Adventure

He was the last Celebrity to enter Camp but he's been keeping you entertained ever since... Corrie star Andy Whyment has emerged from the Jungle in second place!From riding high in Ol' Dingo Town to taking to the skies in the Dingo Dollar challenge, Andy has packed in an epic adventure. The I'm A Celebrity superfan never fails to look like he's having the time of his life - even when covered in critters, or being dunked in fish guts. Here's his Jungle journey.

I'm A Celebrity Andy and Cliff
Andy made his entrance in Ol' Dingo Town with actor Cliff Parisi
Andy Whyment laughing
He's has been having a ball from day one!
I'm A Celebrity Andy Whyment with rice and beans
Reality hit when he discovered just how small the rations were in the Jungle jailhouse
I'm A Celebrity Andy Whyment upset
He's been very open about how much he's missed his family...
Andy Whyment Bad Banquet
...but has got stuck in to every Trial (with a smile!)
I'm A Celebrity Andy Whyment
Caitlyn Jenner had some trouble understanding his accent...
I'm A Celebrity Andy Whyment
...and he reached new heights along the way
I'm A Celebrity
Andy was sent over the edge in the Outback
Andy Whyment swimming
And even though he missed out on dinner, he still enjoyed himself!
I'm A Celebrity
Cockroach man was the vision we never knew we needed
I'm A Celebrity
Andy formed some amazing friendships in Camp
Andy Whyment
He even made it to the leader's bedroom - although his snoring proved problematic for Caitlyn
I'm A Celebrity
His lowest moment was facing the mighty James Haskell in the sickening cinema...
Andy Whyment Celebrity Cyclone
...but Celebrity Cyclone was peak happiness for the I'm A Celeb fan!