In Pictures: Fleur's Outback Adventure

22 days of Jungle life and what an adventure it's been for Fleur! Thanks to your votes, the singer is the eighth Campmate to leave the Jungle - narrowly missing out on a place in the final. She's kept us laughing and dancing the whole way through, and this warrior took down every Trial, no matter what was put in front of her... or dumped on top of her. Take a look at the pictures.

Fleur's first critter encounter was with green ants... sadly not the last!
Where's the rest of the rations then?!
Fleur soon got stuck in to the challenges, and helped Anne find her feet
Fleur brought so much laughter to the Camp, even when things were tough in Snake Rock
This Jungle Jane always looked fab
Even with pig's anus around her mouth!
The Gore Seasons Pizza was a visual feast for us, if not for Fleur
Fleur brought a touch of Jungle style
Rotten Retrieval was a particularly tough Trial, but Fleur never gave in
The most ridiculous challenges somehow always seemed to land with Fleur... in point!
The Jungle Arms was Fleur's Jungle highlight
There was an emotional reunion with her sister
And she went out with a bang in Celebrity Cyclone...
...Literally. Fleur, you've been amazing!