I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

In Pictures: Jacqueline's Outback Adventure

She's endured more Bushtucker Trials than a Jungle critter, and had to get up close and personal with her biggest fear - spiders, as well as the ultimate challenge of being away from her children. But soap star Jacqueline found her inner strength and proved herself against all the odds at every turn to take the crown as your 2019 Queen of the Jungle - AND the reality fan can she can say she lived with Caitlyn Jenner for three weeks too! Let's take a look at Jacqueline's incredible Outback adventure.

Things got real VERY quickly when Jacqueline took on The Plank
She endured basic rations at the Jungle Jailhouse
A lovely friendship with protective James was formed very quickly
She had some deep and meaningfuls with Caitlyn Jenner
She took strength from her luxury item - a pillow full of family photos
The letters from home were bittersweet for the mum of two
The Crevice of Cruelty was a big test for Jacqueline
And the Trials kept on coming
Face Your Fears was her lowest moment - but she still didn't say those magic words
Her friendship with fellow finalist Roman kept her entertained
And she soon looked quite at home in the Jungle
Tackling that Celebrity Cyclone in style!
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here