In Pictures: Roman's Outback Adventure

Breakfast DJ Roman Kemp was the first Celebrity to walk into Camp for 2019, and he's had the full epic experience all the way to final three! Your third place Celeb has kept the Camp entertained with his uncanny impressions and his excellent questions - let's take a look at his Outback adventure.

It was a very shaky start as Roman walked The Plank
And things didn't get much better when he had to stomach the Just Desserts eating Trial
There were plenty of celebrations from the positive chap
And some karaoke in The Jungle Arms was a huge highlight
Roman took on every Trial and challenge that came his way
He made some fantastic friendships along the way
Roman remained cool in the face of some terrifying Trials
His worst moment was winning the Sickening Cinema head-to-head - putting his pal Jacqueline at risk
He's been dunked, soaked and churned
Roman's not been afraid to show his emotions, and formed some tight bonds in Camp
Roman felt right at home behind the DJ decks
He got VERY close to his Campmates at times
Top of the Slops was an impressive - and particularly gruesome - feat
The Trials just kept coming
And all of Roman's dreams came true when he took on Celebrity Cyclone!