I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

In Pictures: The Deadly Dash

The Immunity Games have begun! Nick, John and James were tasked to tackle an obstacle course with a difference - tanks full of critters and fish guts stood between the trio and first pick of their fellow Celebs - allowing them to form the best possible team to take on the Immunity Games. This challenge meant serious business for the boys, and despite a speedy start, Harry was thwarted by the final puzzle, and Nick came from behind to take a spectacular win. Here's how it went down.

The dash is ready - and a box of treats awaits
Just another day in paradise for our Celebs
John does some casual limbering up at the start line
A different kind of limbering for Harry
Nick gets his hands dirty in the first box
John doesn't seem to like what's inside
Harry takes the lead, and tackles the first hurdle
A face full of fish guts and gunge for the football manager
John gets a face full
You've missed a bit, John
Harry displays some impressive agility
Nick's still lagging behind - but it's not over yet
The final puzzle sees the Celebs dodging those massive spiders
And now they're all neck and neck
Nick takes the win!
It's a gymnastic second for John
A very gracious finish for third place Harry
Something we said, John?
Harry is the final Celeb to pick his team, leaving Rita and Noel to form the Underdogs
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here