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Joey's Hair Watch

Apart from tackling the trials, Joey kept us entertained with his breadth of knowledge and the state of his hair! We kept a diary of his 'do's status.

7th Dec 2013

Last night a reem dream died. We're as shocked as you are. Joey Essex wasn't the only one who went on a journey in the jungle. His hair did too.

Let's take a look at his luscious locks before and after he joined the camp...

Joey Essex's hair BEFORE he went into the jungle

Before joining his campmates in Australia Joey's hair was straight, slick and swept back...

Joey Essex's hair AFTER he went into the jungle

... three weeks later and our Essex boy's hair was a wavy, floppy , relaxed mop of beauty.

Will Joey go back to his old style or embrace his "Hey! Anything goes" new look?

After his next hair wash will he blow dry his hair like this?

Read more about Joey's Hair Watch below...

28th Nov 2013

Why was Joey's hood up in last night's Roach Trip Trial?

Was he keeping all manner of creepy crawly beasties out of his beautiful locks...

Joey looks nervous.

... or was he simply hiding this beautifully big and barmy barnet?

Not in a month of TOWIES have we seen Joey's hair like this before

What do you think?

Joey may be naive but he's no idiot and we wouldn't blame him either way...

24th Nov 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Is Joey's wavy hair spreading to other campmates?

We have shocking new photographic evidence...

Exhibit A: Joey's wavy hair
EXHIBIT B: Matthew Wright's hairs is in Stage 1 of 'going Joey'.

Is this outbreak of Joey Hair an isolated incident... or is it spreading?

We'll bring you any news as soon as we have it.

23rd Nov 2013

One question is testing the world's top science boffins to their limits: Is it finally time for Joey Essex to *gasp* wash his hair?

Let's look at the evidence...

It's getting proper messy now...
To the shower...
EMERGENCY! Step away from the shower...

Will Joey ever be able to wash his hair?

Can he get his hands on some conditioner or straightener?

More importantly... does he even know how to wash his own hair?

22nd Nov 2013

Joey's Hair Watch grips the nation.

Arguably the most important scientific study of this century continues.

Today we decided to see what would happen if Joey's hair were to spend a long time submerged in water...

Joey's hair follicles drinking in the pure H2O...
...resulting in THIS!

Stay tuned for more updates from Joey's hair watch.

19th Nov 2013

Joey's Hair Watch monitors the changes that occur when no product is applied to Mr Essex's beautiful barnet.

Yesterday Joey had a hair-raising first trial, chowing down on turkey testicles...

Fortunately his hair didn't stand on end. There are no signs that our trials are giving the fine young specimen of Essex masculinity early grey hairs. Yet.

We're loving Joey's new wavy, curly locks... but the man himself doesn't seem too impressed.

How long until Joey shouts "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Some Straighteners"?

Please don't guess using "clocks that go round"...

18th Nov 2013

Is anyone else loving Joey's increasingly freestyle jungle follicles?

Here's some beautiful photos to admire, appreciate and evaluate...

Loving the bandana Joey!
Don't make him
Can we start saying

"It's really naturally wavy. If it's not got any product in it... it's really, really, really wavy." - Joey Essex

Exactly how wavy can Joey Essex's hair get?

Watch Joey's I'm A Celebrity sky dive.

17th Nov 2013

Joey Essex is worried about his hair during his time in camp. We're not - we're fascinated.

According to Mr Essex when left unwashed, unconditioned, un-styled and free to grow 'au natural', the TOWIE star's hair goes crazy.

We'll be monitoring all developments closely and updating you on Joey's barnet on a day-by-day basis. Notice, for example, there's no evidence in the press pictures above that Joey actually wore the safari hat he's holding.

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