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Top 12 jungle explosions

Edwina and Kendra have had a bit of a barney in the jungle this week, but arguing Campmates is no new thing on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Even the most chilled of Campmates can get a bit tetchy after a few days on the beans and rice diet. Just look at the track history...

"I just don't FEEL you, babes!" Never ever had Natalie Appleton ever felt so low than when Sophie Anderton said she couldn't stroke her fleece gilet. Oh, it was a different kind of 'feeling'? Apparently Sophie didn't have any.

George Takei and David Van Day had a row over who got Dani Behr's bed. Neither realised she didn't come with it.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Matthew Wright had a row about... Actually, we're not sure. Watch the video and see if you can work it out.

Shock horror - an argument about booze! The guys were not impressed with Amy Willerton's preference for chocolate over alcohol. We're sure there's a compromise... Chocolate liqueurs?

Kim Woodburn called Joe Bugner a "very rude man". He didn't seem too scared. We definitely would've been - you don't mess with Kim.

At first we thought Christine Hamilton and Nigel Benn were flirting, but alas, they were not, as the latter called the former "a two-faced liar".

"I don't want to have a big row. I don't want to argue, I hate to argue with people... I would rather just get it out in the open," said Danniella Westbrook while, um, arguing with Catalina Guirado.

It's hard to argue with someone who's asleep, so it's was a challenge for Lucy Pargeter to let Amy Willerton know her true feelings about laziness.

"Listen, don't do that when we're cooking. It's so inappropriate," Janet Street-Porter told Brian Harvey. How had he offended her? By farting of course. His defence? They were 'outside'.

In yet another row about farting, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson yelled at Darren Day for his trumpfest, to which he replied, "This is over a fart? We're in the jungle. Why are you just having a go at me?" What a load of hot air indeed.

"You can do what you want, you shrew!" Janice Dickinson diplomatically told Lynne Franks. "You're one of the most horrible people I've ever encountered," Lynne kindly replied. Probably still not on each other's Christmas card list...

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