I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Kieron - it's time to leave the jungle!

He threatened to walk - even packed his bags - but the time has finally come for Kieron to depart the jungle. He's been a gentleman, a shoulder to cry on, a cryer on others' shoulders, and an all-round great Campmate. Let's check off the list of Kieron's Camp achievements, shall we?

Get back to nature? Tick!
Show your sensitive side? Tick!
Get acquainted (and petrified) with our ostrich? Tick!
Keep smiling even during the grimmest of Trials? Tick!
Find the time to develop an entire new look? Tick!
Inadvertently mount a Lady 30 years your senior in your sleep? Tick!
Go for a spin in our Terrible Tombola? Tick!
Get wet and wild and take on our Celebrity Cyclone? Tick!
And finally become Camp Leader...? At long last, TICK!
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here