Michael Buerk

I'm going to miss booze... I'm not sure I have been three weeks without a drink since I was a teenager!

Will Michael be first in line for a Garlic Grim and Tonic?
  • Best known as: News reader and war reporter

  • Age: 68

  • Relationship status: Married

  • Phobias: Cats - but there aren't any in the jungle! (Or are there?)

  • Dream camper: Kathy Lette

With a career reporting in some of the world's most notorious war zones, Michael is no stranger to tough terrain... but even he is anxious about an impending Bushtucker Trial, "I find them horrifying, but I've faced worse in my lifetime."

So what made Michael decide to ditch his suit for outback attire? "I'm a frightful snob," he reveals, "I am very sniffy about reality TV and when they first approached me I thought they were joking.

Then I went through a phase of thinking ‘what the hell?’ You are a long time dead and I’d rather be pilloried for what I did than be disappointed of what I didn’t."

Despite admitting his competitive nature, it looks like Michael has his feet firmly in camp when it comes to his hopes of winning. "I'm an old bloke with a beard... they're not going to throw out the lovely page three model before me are they?"

Well Michael, you never can tell.

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