I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Ferne's jungle journey

Take a perfectly-manicured Essex girl. Drop her straight into the Australian outback. Watch her flake and flounder and flee? Wrong! Turns out Ferne was more than ready for an adventure. And she travelled all the way to the final!

But now, that adventure is over and she finishes in third place! So what did Ferne achieve during her stint?

Arrive in jungle late and dressed inappropriately. Tick!
Get a face full of cockroaches. Tick!
Flirty bants. Tick!
Learn some life lessons. Tick!
Scream. Tick!
Conquer fears. Tick.
Nail the jungle shower look. Tick.
Get put on a rubbish team. Tick.
Cry. Tick.
Find a new BFF. Tick.
Find a new BF? Watch this space...!
Do the slip 'n' slide. Tick!
Take part in quite possibly the scariest Trial ever. Tick!
Sit in the big red chair. Tick!
Always look on the bright side. Tick!
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here