Rebecca Adlington

I see myself as a team player and I think my role in the camp will be to be the little helper. I am happy to pull my weight.

  • Best known as: Olympic Gold medallist

  • Age: 24

  • Relationship status: Engaged

  • Dream camp mate: David Beckham

She may be our Olympic Queen but Rebecca Adlington reckons living in the Celebrity jungle is going to be one of her toughest challenges so far.

“Normally with an athlete, you can prepare for everything. You can’t control the race but you can train to the best of your ability. The jungle is a lot tougher because you have no clue how to handle it ”

As for whether she hopes to strike Gold and be crowned Queen of the Jungle, Rebecca says, “I am not going in the jungle to win it. I will be really pleased if I get half way, that is my target.

“For me, it’s all about people getting to know me better, having some fun and enjoying myself. “

Will her Olympic spirit keep her going? Will her competitive nature give her the edge? We'll soon find out!