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The I’m A Celebrity… smuggling cheat sheet

There are a few things you can guarantee on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! every year – we call them the four Cs… Celeb campmates, cheating and contraband. Despite some very clear rules about what is and isn’t allowed, the only straight and narrow some of the Celebs stick to in the jungle is the bridge into camp. Tut tut.

Here are five of the worst offenders…

Amy Willerton under Betsy’s bad influence

Amy might've looked like butter wouldn’t melt but she had quite the jungle smuggling operation going on last year. Her particular form of contraband? Enough lingerie to keep Corrie’s Underworld in business. In Amy’s defence, it wasn’t her fault. She was led astray by her bag ‘Betsy’, the real linchpin of the operation.

Shady Kim Woodburn

We have no idea where she hid them, but Kim managed to smuggle a pair of sunglasses into camp in 2009. Perhaps she thought no one would recognise her if she was wearing shades, so she wouldn’t get caught…

Gillian McKeith’s pants attempt at smuggling

Who could forget Gillian’s condiment contraband in 2010? Her herb and spice filled knickers certainly added flavour to camp conversation but failed to get anyone drooling for dinner.

David Haye’s close call

In 2012, David smuggled not just one but several phones into camp. Maybe he just wanted to play the game ‘Snake’?

Jimmy Osmond’s bear cheek

Way back in 2006, Jimmy used an innocent teddy bear (his one luxury item) as a mule to smuggle in all sorts of goodies into camp, such as salt and pepper and messages from his family. When he was caught, he was the grizzly one, not the bear.

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here