The many hugs of George Shelley

George Shelley loves a hug. He's been hugging his way through his time in the Jungle and he's not showing any signs of slowing down just yet. His hugs even made it into his letter from home.

Once upon a time it was just Jorgie he embraced but now it's become clear George has a hug for all occasions - and all Campmates. What a sweetie. Take a lesson in cuddles from the man himself.

The 'we're going to be Jungle BFFs' hug
The 'sugar rush - we got doughnuts' hug
The 'could we be any cuter' hug
The 'Lady C is actually quite hard to hug' hug
The 'BUNDLE' hug - don't try this at home
The 'secret' hug - mustn't read too much into this...
The 'going in for a hug' hug - or possibly splash. Hard to tell
The 'make everyone happy' hug
The 'we can win the chocolate cake ' hug
The 'we should be in a magazine advertising expensive clothing' hug
The 'topless' hug
The 'team' hug. Even more complicated than it looks