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UPDATED: Last night Vincent stole the show with another rapid-fire barrage of Vincent-isms. We've added them below...

Vincent steps onto the tightrope...

Woah... woah... woah... are you ready?

Vincent prepares Kian after many "woahs"

I want my mama!

No crumpets for the camp tonight

Watch Vincent and Kian perform their semaphore Dingo Dollar Trial here.

Read previous Vincent-isms below...

Vincent Simone is quite a character and certainly not lacking in self-confidence.

Take a look at some of his funniest lines from camp, so far...

I am known as The Tango King.

Vincent introduces himself in his own modest, understated way

My perfection could get annoying for the other Celebrities... they'll have to watch and learn.

Either that or they can get really grumpy about it...

Why not get a woman and do the tango in the jungle?

Vincent! This is I'm A Celebrity... What about a dancing with a koala bear instead?

I’m afraid of anything that moves that is not human.

Come on Vincent, loads of animals are cute! (They just don't live in the jungle.)

Spiders! I couldn’t even look at them. My… my nipples get really hard when I look at them. It’s painful.

Does this actually happen to anyone else?

It stung me… really badly.

A spider bite or a spider kiss, Vincent?

“This is good exercise. I feel like Rambo.”

Vincent on carrying a couple of logs to the fire

You don't win Rear Of The Year for nothing.

Certainly not for keeping your shorts on, Vincent

So those are the best soundbites from our Italian stallion so far.

Can't wait to hear what's next!

Watch Vincent show off his Tushtucker briefs

Watch Vincent do the Outback Factory Canteen trial

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here