I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

What We Learnt On Day 1

1. Jordan used to make Victoria’s cuppas ☕

The Celebrity world really is a small circle! From Shane and Beverley’s chummy embrace the moment they stepped off the helicopters, to the revelation that Jordan used to work for Victoria - there really is no escaping star studded pals! 

Clocking Jordan the moment she reached her new Campmates, Victoria immediately ran to him giving him the warmest of hugs. Filling the rest of the group in, Jordan explained: “Guys, this is Victoria Derbyshire - I used to be her tea boy!”

2. Celebs don’t dress for warmth ❄

It’s a good job we kitted the Celebs out with a gilet and walking boots! Did they not check the weather before they started their journey to the Castle? 

Standing at the top and bottom of that cliff they looked beyond chilly and were no doubt questioning some of their wardrobe choices. Anyone would have thought they were actually off to Australia…

3. Jordan has a sickening fear of heights 🙈

Only on I’m A Celeb would you find a Celebrity being sick in fear in the first episode. Poor Jordan didn’t stand a chance when he clocked the cliff face he was destined to abseil down and what came next was a proper rollercoaster of emotions. 

Flipping between comforting the other Celebs and trying to keep calm himself, the Radio 1 DJ unfortunately ended up being sick in a bush moments before the descent began. Emerging from the tall grass once the deed had been done, Jordan laughed: “I can’t believe I was sick. I’ve only been here five minutes and I’m puking up already.”

4. The new camp beds aren’t about comfort 🛏

Just because the Celebs have beds in their new Castle abode, that doesn’t mean said beds have any sort of comfort. And we mean ANY! 

The initial glee at the presence of the beds quickly vanished after Victoria’s assessment. ‘Hard as nails’ really isn’t the way you want your new bed described.

5. Jessica has a cute tonic for homesickness 🌙

After settling into Camp, Jessica had a little cry when she spotted the moon and automatically thought of her daughter. Explaining her tears to the other Campmates she told them of a plan with her daughter to look at the moon whenever they miss each other - as they’ll both be seeing the same thing. Our hearts! 

6. Vernon Kay is seriously tall 👀

Can we take a second to appreciate just how tall Vernon looked in last night’s Trial? Dec’s gonna need a ladder if he wants to make eye-contact at any point.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here