I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

4 things we learnt on Day 14

The Dingo Dollar Challenge raised the tension in Camp and the Celebs discussed how much they pay for a haircut. Here’s what went down on Day 14...

1. Cliff is full of beans

After conquering his Bushtucker Trial with Myles, Cliff returned back to Camp with a spring in his step and the good news of winning eight stars for the Celebs!

The other Campmates couldn’t help but notice the positive effect the Trial had on him too and the mood around the Camp was full of celebration for his success.

Later in the Bush Telegraph he said: “We feel quite full of ourselves really! We got eight stars out of a very, very tricky challenge. And Camp have got faith in me again cos I’m back out there!”

We never lost faith in you, Cliff!

2. Andy pays £6 for his haircut

The Campmates couldn’t believe it when Andy revealed that he typically gets his hair cut for free at work or if not pays just £6 at the barbers. Myles said: “Oh my gosh! No barber who charges £6 would touch my head top. Ever!”

Caitlyn then revealed that she tips her hairdresser $20 alone which caused even more shock for Andy. Looking around the Camp he said: “I could get three haircuts for that!”

3. Kate used to be a waitress

While continuing the chat of giving out tips, Kate revealed that she used to be a waitress and therefore knows how important it is to tip them well.

Kate’s eyes lit up as Caitlyn then proceeded to tell the story of one of her waitresses at home and how she slips her $100 in cash every third or fourth time she visits the restaurant.

Talking fondly over the story later in the Bush Telegraph, Kate said: “I’d love to have served Caitlyn Jenner, especially now that I know she tips $100! That would have been like, you know, about four of five shifts work back when I was doing it. So that would have been amazing.”

4. Roman doesn’t know how to make secondary colours

During Roman and Jacquline’s Dingo Dollar Challenge, it became clear very quickly that Roman didn’t have a clue about secondary colours.

When one of the ‘cocktail’ orders came through for a green drink, he had no idea which of the primary colours he needed to mix to get make orange... Or green we also later found out!

Luckily, Jacquline was there to save the day and direct him with which colours to fill up the cocktail glasses with!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here