Brian Friedman

Brian leaves the jungle...

Brian is the second Celebrity to be voted out of the jungle for 2015. First it was Susannah Constantine, but now you've given our star choreographer his marching orders.

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Brian: 'I was ditched from X Factor judging panel'

It's been several days since our Campmates endured that huge argument that rocked the jungle, but it seems Lady C and Brian are now bezzies.

Here they bond over Brian's (brief) background as an X Factor Judge and how he was kicked off the judging panel by Simon Cowell to be replaced by Louis Walsh.

Whilst these two have kissed and made up though, it's clear some of the others aren't as forgiving of the jungle's first Lady, and aren't too keen on cosying up next to her for campfire chit chats...

Don't judge a book...

As the first elimination hangs over them, our Celebrities reflect on their preconceptions of each other and discuss first impressions.

Kieron in particular opens up about how his opinions have changed, especially those of his supposedly "useless" reality TV star Campmates Ferne and Vicky.

It's true what they say, never judge a book by its cover!

Bushtucker Trial: Critter Shop of Horrors

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Brian Friedman tackles his second Bushtucker Trial of the series, as Ant and Dec invite him into the Critter Shop Of Horrors. With 12 stars up for grabs though, can our A-List choreographer bring all the right moves to power through the Trial and win those all-important meals for Camp?

The jungle is rocked by a HUGE argument

Video guidance This video contains strong language

There's trouble in Camp. Big, fat trouble. Lady C is annoyed at Brian, Brian is annoyed at Lady C, Tony and Duncan are picking a fight with Kieron and Chris, Yvette is losing it with Lady C... It's quite simply ALL kicking off!

Whoever would have thought our luxurious Jungle Boutique Hotel would cause so much of a stir? And there was us thinking it was a treat for the Campmates... It seems Tony and Jorgie's decision not to serve Chris, Lady C and Kieron in their luxury hotel has massive consequences.

Ouch! Why's Brian so crabby?

Brian was your choice for tonight's Bushtucker Trial - Critter Shop of Horrors and it looks like he needs to work on his customer service.

Watch what happened when Brian tried to move a whole load of crabs form case-to- case.

Can he claw back a full 12 stars or will he be scuttling home empty handed. Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out.

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