Chris Eubank

Relive Chris and his jungle journey...

Chris has lost the fight to be King of the Jungle

He was surprisingly honest; he shirked Trials; he defended Lady C; and of course, he wore a seashell as a makeshift monocle. All ingredients of a classic Campmate! Perhaps not the standard ingredients, but still. Let's see how Chris Eubank did in the Jungle...

  • Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank opens up

After a week in Camp, it's time for some revelations from our middleweight champion Chris Eubank. Here he opens up to his fellow Campmates in this rare insight into our former boxer's personal life.

  • Chris Eubank

Sergeant Major takes over Camp

You voted for Tony Hadley to become Camp Leader and Chris Eubank to become his deputy. But it seems as leaders they're not gathering the support of their fellow Campmates.

Brian's in a tizz and so is Lady C, who says she won't be putting her dirty knickers into anyone else's hands...