Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan is sent home

Duncan has been given his marching orders from the jungle!‚Äč You've been voting for which Campmates you want to save, and with the least amount of votes, it is officially time up for our dragon.

  • Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan's OUT! Relive his jungle journey

Goodbye Duncan...

You guys picked up the phones and/or put thumb to App, and decided the Camp's resident dragon was next to leave the jungle. Let's remind ourselves of his time on I'm A Celebrity...

Managed to catch some rays and top up the ol' tan? Tick!

Held your nerve while getting well and truly gunged? Tick!

  • Duncan Bannatyne

Who's cleaning up the poo?

There's some emu poo next to Lady C's bed and she's not best pleased about the whole situation. Duncan (responsible for Camp cleaning) is on the receiving end of her complaints, as the two fully grown adults enter into an argument over bird poo. Oh how we love Camp life.

Bushtucker Trial: Depths of Despair

If you've ever wanted to see a multi-millionaire business mogul strung up and hung upside down, this is the Bushtucker Trial for you! Duncan Bannatyne is being dunked into a plunge pool in order to retrieve only the yellow (NOT RED!) vouchers.

Each yellow voucher wins more time for Tony Hadley, who is in an underwater coffin trying to find as many stars as is physically possible. It's a team effort but the duo won't be alone, as they'll be joined by a whole host of gruesome water critters. Will they manage to retrieve all the stars?

First look! See Duncan get dunked

He was desperate to do a Trial and now he's doing one. Be careful what you wish for Duncan! Our outspoken Campmate is left hanging over a pool in tonight's Trial. What could he possibly have to do to earn dinner for Camp?

Watch the clip to find out and tune in tonight at 9pm, ITV to see if he succeeds.

Brian: 'I was ditched from X Factor judging panel'

It's been several days since our Campmates endured that huge argument that rocked the jungle, but it seems Lady C and Brian are now bezzies.

Here they bond over Brian's (brief) background as an X Factor Judge and how he was kicked off the judging panel by Simon Cowell to be replaced by Louis Walsh.

Whilst these two have kissed and made up though, it's clear some of the others aren't as forgiving of the jungle's first Lady, and aren't too keen on cosying up next to her for campfire chit chats...

Duncan Bannatyne: Before and after 11 days in the Jungle

Eleven days in the Jungle is never going to result in a fresh-faced, relaxed Campmate. But given the high drama of this particular line-up, that's even less likely!

So how has the past week-and-a-half taken its toll on Duncan Bannatyne? Has it broken him down from a mighty dragon into a simpering lizard? Take a look at his Jungle journey so far and decide for yourselves...

Let's face it, catching a helicopter is probably perfectly normal to Duncan...

  • Duncan Bannatyne