Emily Atack

In Pictures: Emily's Fill Your Face Trial

One final Trial and we collected nearly every critter in the Jungle to put Emily to one last test. Cockroaches, mealworms, scoprions, yabbys and spiders all got up close and personal in Fill Your Face. The actor held her nerve for the full five minutes and earned the finalists their starters - take a look at the pics.

  • Emily Atack

Emily Fills Her Face in her final Trial

She's faced pretty much every critter in the Jungle, but there's one final test of nerves for Emily as she takes on a vile helmet full of bugs, grubs and spiders in Fill Your Face. Five minutes is all that stands between her, a feast and THAT glass of wine.

  • Emily Atack

Harry, Emily and John's nightmare night in the doll's house

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It’s every child’s worst nightmare… and every Celebs too, actually. A rotten doll’s house full of scary dolls, spiders, pigeons, critters and spooky scenes. There was no time for sleep as Emily, Harry and John tried to win Camp a luxury breakfast. Even the dressing gowns couldn't provide any comfort in this house of horrors.