Fleur East

It's eggstra tense as Fleur's letter from home is lost

After a tough few weeks in the Jungle, the promise of letters from home makes the Celebs’ hearts soar. But they have to earn them first, and it’s an eggstra tense task as they attempt to pass eggs across a very fiddly coup. Disaster strikes when Fleur’s egg suffers a smash - and time runs out before Anne’s egg makes it home to roost.

In Pictures: Jungle Driving Skool

Fasten your seatbelts! No really, James and Fleur are terrible drivers...
The pair were tasked to take on the Jungle Driving Skool - with Fleur blindfolded in the driving seat while James navigated her around the special Jungle Skool course. But there wasn’t much left of it once the pair finally passed the test… take a look at the pics.

The girls play Snog, Marry, Push Off A Cliff

An innocent trip to wash the pots in the creek takes a brutal turn when the girls play a game of Snog, Marry, Push Off A Cliff (as you do). Sair goes for a snog from Noel, and Fleur opts to marry James, but poor Rita gets a rough time of it - until Emily decides that she’d quite like a marriage full of mischief with the soapstar.

In Pictures: Kup-Cake Dingo Dollar Challenge

Sick-toria Sponge Cake and Key Lime Fly - just a piece of cake, right? Not when it's a Dingo Dollar Challenge, as wannabe bakers Fleur and Sair found out when made a right mess of their mixtures trying to win a treat for Camp. Although Sair seemed to escape lightly compared to Fleur, who got absolutely covered while Sair escaped with just a light dusting. Take a look at how the duo got dunked.

A sweet sweet Dingo Dollar dunking for Fleur and Sair

This is a cook off with a difference! Fleur and Sair get more than a little stuck into the mixture as they attempt to bake Sick-toria Sponge Cake and Key Lime Fly in a bid to win those Dingo Dollars and a treat for Camp. And it’s Fleur that rises to the baking challenge - getting more than a little covered in the ingredients, while Sair escapes with just a light dusting. The proof is in the pudding!