Harry Redknapp

Harry takes down the Rep-Viles

World-renowned football manager, MC and now reptile charmer… even a vicious perentie was no match for Harry Redknapp in the Rep-vile Centre. A slow and steady approach proved to be the winner as Harry crawled his way through cages full of snakes, lizards and crocodiles, bringing home a full house for Camp. Back of the net.

  • Harry Redknapp

Trial Tease: Repvile Centre

It's Harry's turn to face tonight's Bushtucker Trial, and he's paying a visit to the Repvile Centre! However, it looks like he's not the only one - he's got some scaly mates to keep him company...

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Harry, Emily and John's nightmare night in the doll's house

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It’s every child’s worst nightmare… and every Celebs too, actually. A rotten doll’s house full of scary dolls, spiders, pigeons, critters and spooky scenes. There was no time for sleep as Emily, Harry and John tried to win Camp a luxury breakfast. Even the dressing gowns couldn't provide any comfort in this house of horrors.

It's a torturous time at the Jungle Arms pub quiz

Video guidance This video contains strong language

The Celebs are in walking distance of the Jungle Arms, but the entry policy is far too strict for their liking! The Campmates need to pass the Jungle quiz to gain entry, but some unwelcome guests join Harry and Emily in the queue...

In Pictures: The Wicked Warehouse

These Celebs are used to learning lines and managing world-famous football teams, so a stint in a warehouse came as a bit of a shock for Emily, Harry and Nick - especially as there were a few lively deliveries for the trio. Nick took a toad to the face, Harry made 'friends' with some rats and Emily had a reunion with her old pals - the Jungle pythons, but even the creepiest of critters didn't stop the Celebs taking all eight stars back to Camp. Take a look at the Trial in pictures.

It's a Dingo Dollar disaster for Harry and Rita

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Top marks for the outfits, but that's pretty much the only success of the day for Rita and Harry as they pan for gold in the Dingo Dollar Challenge. After some serious graft, their trip to the Outback Shack sees the promise of ice pops snatched from them when the Celebs fail to answer the question correctly.