Harry Redknapp

Dinner gets Harry rapping... and Emily stealing!

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Food is power in the I'm A Celeb Jungle, and newly-elected chef Emily makes a good go at cooking a feast of eel for Camp - helping herself to a little sneaky chef's perk while she's at it. Meanwhile Harry keeps the Celebs entertained with his new rapping skills.

The Rancid Race results take a sour turn

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Nick, Sair and Malique aka the Galahs stormed the Rancid Race and won immunity, but Harry's not happy about the way the games played out. As the first vote looms, the cracks are starting to show in Camp...

In Pictures: The Deadly Dash

The Immunity Games have begun! Nick, John and James were tasked to tackle an obstacle course with a difference - tanks full of critters and fish guts stood between the trio and first pick of their fellow Celebs - allowing them to form the best possible team to take on the Immunity Games. This challenge meant serious business for the boys, and despite a speedy start, Harry was thwarted by the final puzzle, and Nick came from behind to take a spectacular win. Here's how it went down.

The Roos get tactical over their winning feast

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It's been a battle of hunger in the first day of the Immunity Games, and a solid display from the Roos has earned them a place at the top of the leader board, and a feast over at Snake Rock. As they tuck into emu sausages and mashed potato, Head of Strategy Harry talks tactics, and the team decide to play down the delicious dinner to their fellow Campmates. But will they be rumbled as the games play out?

The Deadly Dash gets slapdash for John, Harry and Nick

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Another day, another fit of giggles for Dec and Holly. The Immunity Games begins with the Deadly Dash, but it's more slapdash as John, Nick and Harry take on the course. Harry races off into the lead but falls down at the final puzzle, and despite his slow start Nick sneaks up from behind to take victory - giving him first pick as he forms his team. The games have begun...