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The Iain Lee Quiz

He went from a vote of no confidence from his fellow Campmates all the way to the final - radio host Iain Lee has left the Jungle in third place!

He's shown us that real men cry, you can overcome your fears and if in doubt, just fill the silence.

See how closely you've followed Iain's adventure through the Jungle with the Iain Lee quiz.

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The Great Big I'm A Celebrity... Jungle Quiz 2017!

What an unbelievable three weeks it's been. We've watched our Celebs handle terrifying Trials, pierce the Jungle canopy with their screams, leap into the unknown, ALMOST persuade Kiosk Keith to crack a smile, suffer supreme hunger and of course, it all very nearly went sour over a few strawberries and some cream. But how much of this year's Jungle action do you remember?

Test your knowledge and relive the highlights and low blows of this year's unforgettable series with The Great Big I'm A Celebrity... Jungle Quiz 2017!

In Pictures: Iain's Outback adventure

Iain is out of the Jungle! He's caused controversy and divided opinion from the moment he set foot in Camp, from Camp Prime Minister to Strawberry bandit.

Take a look at some of Iain's best bits from his Outback adventure...

He didn't get the vote of confidence from the Campmates when he arrived

But he blitzed the Race to 10 Downing Creek to take the role of Camp Prime Minister

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Your Final Three!

Your final three Celebrities have screamed, laughed and occasionally cried their way through an incredible and unforgettable three weeks in the Jungle. Far, far away from their loved ones (except when we sent them into Camp as a surprise) and a million miles from their luxury lifestyles, Iain, Jamie and Toff have earned enough of your votes to make it to the very end. Only one of them can leave the Jungle as the new King or Queen, and tonight is the night!

Let’s take a look at your three contenders for the 2017 I’m A Celebrity… crown.