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Joel shows Ant & Dec his incredible new tattoos

The Jungle holds many special memories for former Campmate Joel, and he's taken his love for Ant & Dec a step further by getting their names tattooed on his ankles. His new ink goes down a treat with the duo when he shows them live on air!

  • Joel Dommett

Extra Camp: All About Joel Dommett

He’s back for more Extra Camp chaos… comedian Joel Dommett is returning to the Jungle and he’s got Adam Thomas and Emily Atack in tow!
Our funny man's ready to show them the Extra Camp ropes Down Under. Good luck everybody...

Hey Joel! How excited are you to be back?

So excited. SO excited. I feel like it’s a great bunch - you know when the American Pie movies got really good and did that reunion movie? It’s like that movie. You’re like, “oh yeah, this is great”, so it’s really exciting and I think Adam and Emily are a wonderful addition, like the planets have aligned. It just feels right.

And obviously now, you’re top of the class, you’re the most experienced person here.

I’m not sure about top of the class, I feel like more of a supply teacher. I feel like I’m trying my best to look like I’m in charge but failing horribly…

Have you given Adam and Emily any words of guidance? Tips? Advice?

Stupid little things like take duct tape to tape up your curtains, because you’ve got to go to sleep in the daytime. Take three alarm clocks because it’s just so hard to wake up at ten o'clock in the evening.

Your body clock is all over the place and bug spray is a must. Always wear your socks at rehearsals because otherwise you get bitten on the ankles, Little bits like that that will improve your experience immeasurably. That’s insider stuff, that.

So you and Adam, this is like a reunion for you guys as well?

It’s so nice to be reunited with the biggest liability I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’s so great, he’s like a little ball of energy that lights up every room he goes into. Plus, he loves all my jokes which makes me really happy. So I think we are going to be a great little trio, like the little musketeers.

I cannot wait to see Adam do a Trial again, It’s been four years since I’ve seen him do a Bushtucker Trial and I just can't wait, I feel like it’s what I’ve missed in my life - those screams!

So what can we expect from Extra Camp this year?

The same fun atmosphere, just in a different shell and I think that’s what people will love about it. It’s the right team, even behind the scenes - it feels like the right bunch of people and that it gets easier every year. Now is the perfect time for Emily and Adam to come in and give it a new flavour and I’m really excited.

If you could have a dream panelist or a dream guest on Extra Camp who would it be?

I’d love to have John Barrowman out because he’s such an amazing, energetic dude and I feel like we could have loads of fun with him. He’d just be doing the splits and singing and running around.

Kem’s always a great one to have on because he’s really fun, Jamie Laing’s always a great guy to get out. But my wife Hannah would be the perfect panelist because she could come out and be on the show and then I could also have some smooches. That would be the perfect scenario.

Do you have a favourite ever I’m A Celeb…! moment?

One of the best moments I think possibly ever, was the one where there was a rat on Christopher Biggins and it went in his bed. He thinks it’s his mic pack, and it’s just the best television ever. This is what this show brings - these mad moments that you cannot stop laughing at and I think that’s what’s amazing about Extra Camp that the main show can’t do. Showing those moments, those legacies that we make on the show - Extra Camp is the show to show that, and we’ll continue that hopefully, into forever.

I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp returns Sunday 17th November on ITV2.

  • Joel Dommett

Meet your 2019 Extra Camp presenters!

Expect one almighty rumble in the Jungle this year as ITV2 returns with a new lineup of presenters on I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp!

Extra Camp aficionado and all round funny man Joel Dommett is busy giving the studio sofa a plump in time to get comfy with two new co-hosts this autumn.

Joel is joined by last year’s I'm a Celeb... runner up, Jungle princess Emily Atack, plus his former Campmate Adam Thomas, aka Mr Bushtucker Trial!

Joel Dommett said: “So excited to be heading back to the Jungle this year - this time with a new bunch of amigos. I can’t wait to show Emily around and keep reminding Adam that I beat him in 2016. It’s such a huge privilege to do this show and I truly love it. I can’t wait to find out who we are watching!”

Emily Atack added, “I'm thrilled that I get to make more amazing memories in a place that means so much to me! I’ve loved working with Joel on Singletown, we’re like brother and sister, and Adam has got such amazing energy. The three of us are going to have the best time ever!”

Adam Thomas said: “I can’t believe that I’m heading back to the Jungle, this is something I never saw coming my way! I’m so excited to be reunited with my campmate Joel and to also work alongside Emily. We’re going to have so much fun… just keep me away from those spiders!”

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As always, we want you to join the fun and debates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official app.

So get yourself ready for the Jungle jokes when I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp returns this autumn on ITV2, straight after I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

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