John Barrowman

Rotten Retrieval puts the fear into Fleur and John

Dark tunnels. Confined spaces. Deep water. Tons of critters. Fleur's fears are really put to the test in the Rotten Retrieval Bushtucker Trial, and it's not much better for John who's trapped with tens of thousands of critters for company... and one cockroach in particular gets a bit too cosy.

Trial Tease: Rotten Retrieval

Fleur's on a mission to rescue John from a cascade of critters in tonight's Bushtucker Trial, Rotten Retrieval. She's just got to battle her way past a gaggle of spiders first... No big deal, right?!

Find out how the duo get on in tonight's show, 9pm on STV and ITV.

John returns to Camp - and brings the show tunes back with him!

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After a nasty fall and a trip to the hospital, John Barrowman makes his return to Camp, much to the delight of the other Celebs who have definitely felt the absence of his big personality. And true to form, it’s not long before he brings out the show tunes. Welcome home, John!

  • John Barrowman

Emily and John have a shocker in the Dingo Dollar challenge

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It's a seemingly simple task of communication, but the instructions don't translate for Emily and John who have a right shocker in the Dingo Dollar Challenge!

Emotions run high in the Immunity Playoff

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The Roos and the Koalas step up to the Velodrome to battle it out for immunity from the first vote. Anne takes one look at the task and opts out, leaving Emily, Harry, James, John and Fleur to pedal for their place in Camp. Catching medals is easier for some than others, and the Celebs go through pretty much every emotion possible in a few short minutes. There are tears of frustration, but John and Fleur ultimately triumph, leaving the rest to join Noel and Rita in the vote.

In Pictures: The Deadly Dash

The Immunity Games have begun! Nick, John and James were tasked to tackle an obstacle course with a difference - tanks full of critters and fish guts stood between the trio and first pick of their fellow Celebs - allowing them to form the best possible team to take on the Immunity Games. This challenge meant serious business for the boys, and despite a speedy start, Harry was thwarted by the final puzzle, and Nick came from behind to take a spectacular win. Here's how it went down.

The Deadly Dash gets slapdash for John, Harry and Nick

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Another day, another fit of giggles for Dec and Holly. The Immunity Games begins with the Deadly Dash, but it's more slapdash as John, Nick and Harry take on the course. Harry races off into the lead but falls down at the final puzzle, and despite his slow start Nick sneaks up from behind to take victory - giving him first pick as he forms his team. The games have begun...