Jorgie Porter

Jorgie's jungle journey

Jorgie of the Jungle has been voted out. Here's her best bits...

Hollyoaks is known for its high drama and huge stunts, but nothing could have prepared Jorgie Porter for the jungle and all its madness! But, as she makes that walk across the bridge, she takes some truly impressive Camp experiences with her...

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Jorgie's trapped!

Poor old Jorgie has been caught in a trap and catapulted into the air, high above the trees! It's up to our Spandau Ballet frontman Tony to fire ​balls at his target​ and try to release her. Is he up to the job, or will she be stuck up there forever?

"Ew, ew, ew!" Jorgie is up to her elbows in fish guts

It's a heist! Jorgie is lowered into a darkened room in tonight's Trial and it's up to Kieron to guide her to a series of safes containing stars - and some unpleasant surprises.

Watch her squeal as she delves through fish guts under a shower of cockroaches and meal worms. Can she make crime pay and win dinner for Camp?

Tune in at 8.30pm tonight, ITV, to see how she does.

Jorgie Porter: Before and after 10 days in the Jungle

The Jungle can take it's toll on our Campmates, quickly rendering them barely recognisable from the sweet smelling, fresh-faced Celebrities they were when they went in.

Now we've passed the 10 days in Camp mark, let's sit back and take a look at the Campmates' stories so far and see how they're shaping up. Starting with Miss Jorgie Porter's journey.

  • Jorgie Porter