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The Kezia Dugdale Quiz

How closely did you follow Kezia Dugdale's journey through the Jungle? Your votes meant that the politician was the second to leave Camp, but she came up against some tough opponents on the way - including giant spiders, an inflatable crocodile, and being tasked to drink bull's penis. Test your knowledge of all things Kez with this quiz.

  • Kezia Dugdale

Kezia's Jungle Journey

Coming into Camp as a late arrival is never easy, but Kezia Dugdale handled it like a pro and got stuck straight in to the revolting Race To 10 Downing Creek. She's used to coming up against the opposition and proved to be one tough cookie, as no amount of giant spiders phased this politician. Your votes determined that Kez was the second Campmate to leave the Jungle - here's her Jungle journey.

  • Kezia Dugdale

In Pictures: Kezia's Outback adventure

Your votes have determined that Kezia Dugdale is leaving the Jungle! Our politician handled being a late arrival like a pro and got stuck right into the Race to 10 Downing Creek. She was made to suffer basic conditions in Snake Rock before joining a Campmate coalition, where she impressed the Celebs with her cooking skills. This tough cookie's time is up; let's relive her Jungle journey.

Kez entered Camp as a late arrival and got a unanimous vote of confidence from the Celebs

The pressure was on for Kez

  • Kezia Dugdale

First Look: Stanley struggles in the Fear Factory

With such a relaxed approach to the Fear Factory, you'd think this Trial would be a walk in the park for Stanley. But the task seems to be sending him in circles, much to Ant and Dec's amusement!

Find out if the situation improves for Stanley tonight at 9pm on ITV.
Becky was withdrawn from taking part in today's Bushtucker Trial on medical grounds. This meant the celebrity with the third highest number of votes took her place and that was Kez.