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Lady C tells all

Lady C has traded in Camp fires for caviar after making her way out of the Jungle for good! But before she jets back to the UK, she put on her pearls and sat down to tell us all about her Jungle experience, and of course, her former Campmates...

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6 things we learnt from Lady C

It might be easier to list the things we didn't from Lady C because her time in Camp was a non-stop education. Yes we learnt how to be a lady, but there were some more unexpected tutorials too...

1. The beautiful game is about the beautiful players - particularly Ronaldo

She might not know much about how to play football but that's not what she focuses on. She made know secret of her fondness for Kieron but the fact she had the hots for Ronaldo too was a new one on us.

  • Lady Colin Campbell

Lady C leaves the jungle

Lady C has left the jungle on medical grounds.

During her time in the jungle, Lady C locked horns with many of her fellow Campmates. It's fair to say she'll be missed by Kieron in particular though, who she struck up a strong bond with. Only yesterday the pair were laughing and chatting about sport, and how Lady C was a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. And, in particular, his body!

She's certainly delivered some jungle drama over the last few weeks.

For now though, farewell Lady C.

As a result of her departure, the latest viewer vote has been cancelled. If you voted via a paid for route, since last night's show, you can get a full refund. Please check back here later today, Wednesday 2nd December, for more information.

And be sure to tune in tonight on ITV at 8.30pm for more...

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She's at it again. Enjoy Lady C's flirty bants with Ant and Dec.

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Lady C's jungle journey...

Lady C has left the jungle, but let's recap her epic jungle journey...

She was one of the most talked-about, most divisive and most individual Campmates that we've ever had in the jungle. Lady C has now left the Jungle.

So let's look back at a true I'm A Celeb legend, and all the things she achieved during her stay in Camp...

Impart wisdom to your Campmates in the art of being a true Lady? Tick!

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Lady C hearts Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch out Ronny, Lady C is coming for ya! After forming quite the friendship in the Jungle, Kieron decided it was time to quiz Lady C on his specialist subject - football. But it soon becomes clear that Lady C has a different specialist subject all together...

Who's cleaning up the poo?

There's some emu poo next to Lady C's bed and she's not best pleased about the whole situation. Duncan (responsible for Camp cleaning) is on the receiving end of her complaints, as the two fully grown adults enter into an argument over bird poo. Oh how we love Camp life.

Beetle Gate...

Who would have thought such a tiny little insect could cause so much strife? Prepare for Beetle Gate as our Campmates bicker over whether or not a beetle should have been thrown on the campfire...

Prepare for LOTS more insults thrown from Lady C, who calls Tony a Dumbo, a chippy oik, a bully, a liar and the mouth of diarrhea. All in one clip! Classic Lady C.