Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin's Guide to Being a Modern Lady: The Jungle Edition

Lady C has certainly made an impression on Camp...

They've barely been in the Jungle a week and it already seems that one Lady in particular is leaving her mark on Camp.

To celebrate the inner workings of the first Lady of the jungle, we imagined what a sequel to Lady Colin's first book, 'Lady Colin Campbell's Guide to Being A Modern Lady', might read like after a stint Down Under.

Presenting, Lady Colin Campbell's Guide to Being a Modern Lady: The Jungle Edition...

1. A lady should always be well presented

  • Lady Colin Campbell

Lady C answers YOUR questions

She's stolen the show over the last 24 hours - triumphantly winning 10 stars in our first food related Bushtucker Trial, but then quite forcefully deciding not to take part in our washing up challenge!

Now Lady Colin visits the Bush Telegraph to answer your burning questions.

  • Lady Colin Campbell

Who's doing the dishes?

​After being voted the laziest Campmates, Yvette Fielding and Lady Colin are sent to wash the dishes. If they complete the task there may be a reward in store. But it doesn't seem Lady C is too taken with the idea...​

Bushtucker Trial: Disaster Chef

​There's a new reality cooking show in town, but we're not too convinced on what the chef's offering on the menu. Prepare for turkey testicles in Spaghetti Ball-naise, crocodile penis in Apri-Cock Tagine and ostrich tongue on a side of Gar-lick Bread, as Jorgie and Lady Colin take on the latest Bushtucker Trial.

It's our first eating challenge of the series! Nom nom.