Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Malique's had a feast since leaving the Jungle!

He's only been out of the Jungle for 24 hours but Malique tells Extra Camp he's wasted no time in scoffing down a week's worth of food to make up for lost time. He also seems pretty happy to hear that Emily picked him for a snog in Snog, Marry, Push Off A Cliff...

  • Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Malique leaves the Jungle!

It's been a very hungry experience for young Malique, as he tells Dec and Holly after your votes saw him become the second Celeb to leave the Jungle! The actor chats about his solid friendship with Fleur and his unwavering chill, even in the face of eating pig's anus...

  • Malique Thompson-Dwyer

In Pictures: Malique's Outback Adventure

It all got very real very quickly for Malique when he was forced to face his fear of heights

He left his glamorous Hollyoaks lifestyle behind for the adventure of a lifetime - and now your votes mean Malique is the second Campmate to leave the Jungle! Camp’s youngest Celeb has skydived, rapped and joked his way through his time in the Outback, and the actor's also proved he’s got a stomach of steel after taking down the eating Trial like it was no big deal. Take a look at Malique's Jungle journey.

  • Malique Thompson-Dwyer

In Pictures: The Dreaded Deliveries Eating Trial

This is one takeaway we're happy to pass on... the Jungle deliveries aren't up to much, as Malique and Sair found out in no uncertain terms when they faced the Dreaded Deliveries eating Trial. Vomit fruit and cockroaches were just for starters... and Holly could barely stomach even watching as the pair chewed through round after round of sheep's testicle, pig's anus, camel's foot and cows teat amongst other 'delicacies'. Their mammoth efforts - and more than a couple of near misses on the vomit front - earned them an incredible 11 stars for their Camp. Take a look at the pics from this truly terrible Trial. We can smell the meat sweats from here...