Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Trial Tease: Dreaded Deliveries

It's a takeaway, but not as you know it... Sair and Malique are facing a stomach-churning dinner in tonight's Bushtucker Trial. We recommend you don't eat your tea while watching this one!

Find out how the pair cope with the Dreaded Deliveries tonight at 9pm on ITV and STV.

The Drown and Out tanks get crowded with crocs

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Rita and Malique, and Emily and John are busy battling it out against each other in a bid to win places in the Emperor's inner circle, when a few critters join them in their already tight water tanks. The snakes take a liking to Emily, while the crocs almost get the better of both teams, but it's Rita and Malique who manage to stay afloat and take the win.

Trial Tease: Drown and Out

Emperor Noel is splitting the Camp and pitting our Campmates against each other in tonight's Drown and Out Bushtucker Trial. You voted for Rita and Malique, but who will they be up against?!

Find out who'll be joining the inner circle tonight at 9pm on ITV and STV...

In Pictures: All the emotions of the Jungle skydive

Nothing says 'welcome to the Jungle' like being forced to jump out of a helicopter, right?
That's the reality that Emily and Malique faced as they took to the skies to join their Campmates, because what goes up must come down. Down, down, down... 12,000 feet to the meeting point.
Take a look at all the emotions our poor Celebs went through as they faced their fears and took a leap of faith above the glistening Australian coastline.