Nick Knowles

Nick's Knowle-dge impresses Extra Camp

24 hours since he's left the Jungle and our most resourceful Campmate ever Nick Knowles continues to impart his wisdom as he joins Extra Camp to chat about his time in the Jungle. But he can't escape those red pants!

  • Nick Knowles

Nick leaves the Jungle!

The gravelly-voiced organiser of the Camp has left the Jungle thanks to your votes! TV presenter Nick Knowles is the sixth Celeb to leave Camp - he chats to Dec and Holly about his experience.

  • Nick Knowles

In Pictures: The Wicked Warehouse

These Celebs are used to learning lines and managing world-famous football teams, so a stint in a warehouse came as a bit of a shock for Emily, Harry and Nick - especially as there were a few lively deliveries for the trio. Nick took a toad to the face, Harry made 'friends' with some rats and Emily had a reunion with her old pals - the Jungle pythons, but even the creepiest of critters didn't stop the Celebs taking all eight stars back to Camp. Take a look at the Trial in pictures.

The Rancid Race results take a sour turn

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Nick, Sair and Malique aka the Galahs stormed the Rancid Race and won immunity, but Harry's not happy about the way the games played out. As the first vote looms, the cracks are starting to show in Camp...