Nick Knowles

The stars refuse to align for Noel and Nick's Bushtucker Trial

Catching A Falling Star proves to be a tricky task for Noel and Nick's gripping joint Bushtucker Trial. Who knew a couple of clear boxes could provide so much tension? High above the Jungle lake, Noel digs among the critters for stars before trying to drop them into Nick's hands without them falling into the murky depths of the water below. Oh, and there's just a casual 130,000 bugs keeping them company.

In Pictures: Catch A Falling Star Trial

The stars proved difficult to align for Noel and Nick who faced a tough Trial in Catch A Falling Star. Suspended high above the Jungle floor, Noel had to first scavenge for stars among boxes full of critters before dropping them to Nick below - without being able to see him. It took some serious communication and concentration from the pair who came away with five stars for Camp - with the remaining six lost forever to the depths of the Jungle lake. Take a look at how this tense Trial unfolded.

Trial Tease: Catch A Falling Star

Two Celebrities, suspended in two boxes high above the Jungle, and the critters just keep coming... What could go wrong?!

Noel and Nick are putting their teamwork skills to the test in tonight's Bushtucker Trial - can they keep their cool and bag dinner for the Camp? Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV and STV!

Nick, Anne and James are on target in Terror-cotta

Video guidance This video contains strong language

There are care packages up for grabs so it's serious business for Nick, Anne and James in today's challenge Terror-cotta. It's a shaky start, not least because of the absolute soaking the trio get (we're nice like that), but they smash the challenge - and the vases, earning the Camp eight out of a possible 11 care packages. But who will go without?

Nick and James's cage of horror - Crittercus Maximus

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Time for Nick and James to prove their worth to the reigning Emperor of Camp. There are two stars up for grabs - and a potential spot in Noel's inner circle. Just 5kg of mealworms, 5000 crickets, 5000 cockroaches, 20 scorpions and 20 spiders in the way.

Harry and Nick get left behind

After completing The Edge in the quickest time, the Yellow Team gets the pick of the newly-waiting Celebs. James and Rita opt for fit Fleur and smart Anne, leaving Nick and Harry on the sidelines, waiting to find out who's coming to collect them from the Red Team. But it's all to play for as the teams fly towards the next challenge...