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In Pictures: The Deadly Dash

The Immunity Games have begun! Nick, John and James were tasked to tackle an obstacle course with a difference - tanks full of critters and fish guts stood between the trio and first pick of their fellow Celebs - allowing them to form the best possible team to take on the Immunity Games. This challenge meant serious business for the boys, and despite a speedy start, Harry was thwarted by the final puzzle, and Nick came from behind to take a spectacular win. Here's how it went down.

The Deadly Dash gets slapdash for John, Harry and Nick

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Another day, another fit of giggles for Dec and Holly. The Immunity Games begins with the Deadly Dash, but it's more slapdash as John, Nick and Harry take on the course. Harry races off into the lead but falls down at the final puzzle, and despite his slow start Nick sneaks up from behind to take victory - giving him first pick as he forms his team. The games have begun...

Nick's in a twist over the ladies' knickers

Old-fashioned Nick asks John to handle the ladies' underwear, which sparks a discussion about bodily functions. Underwear etiquette is a thing, as is whether it's acceptable to fart in front of your partner, and the eclectic mix of Campmates all have different opinions.

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The Outback Shack disappoints the Celebs

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Noel and Fleur take their hard-earned Dingo Dollars to the Outback Shack for a treat and opt for some scampi fries over the remaining luxury items. But when they actually win and uncover Kiosk Kev's tiny portion, they can't help but wonder if they made the right choice - and the Celebs back at Camp end up asking the same question.

The Celebs go in on the luxury feast while Nick dines alone

With 10 out of 11 stars secured on The Quest, most of the Celebs head over to Snake Rock to dine in style with the ultimate luxury feast. But Camp leader Nick is left alone at Croc Creek after nominating himself to miss out. While the others get to work on an incredible spread, Nick uses his time to experiment with yet another portion of rice and beans. Sigh.

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Nick's elected Camp Leader and chooses Anne as his deputy

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Your votes mean Nick is the first Camp Leader, and his first job is to elect a deputy. Anne is delighted when he picks her, but how will the Camp cope now that resident Chef Knowles is not allowed near the kitchen?