Noel Edmonds

Noel's Treehouse Party on Extra Camp!

24 hours since he left the Jungle and Noel's had a good meal, a shower and brushed that fantastic hair. He's back to tell Extra Camp all about his time in the Jungle - including his secrets to staying in shape...

  • Noel Edmonds

Noel's Jungle Predictions

It's official - the Emperor is the first person to leave the Jungle!

We asked Noel to place predictions about his Jungle journey before he entered Camp and it's safe to say he stayed pretty true to himself. What a Campmate!

Noel leaves the Jungle!

Your votes meant TV legend Noel was the first Celebrity to leave the Jungle! He steps out of Camp and straight into the comforting arms of Dec and Holly to chat about his whirlwind experience.

  • Noel Edmonds

In Pictures: Noel's Outback Adventure

He’s a TV legend who’s brought us plenty of telly gold during his 10 day stint in the Jungle… your votes mean that Noel is the first Celeb to leave Camp! He made quite the entrance as the Jungle Emperor, but the tables were soon turned when he and Harry got a mouth full of Yabby… and plenty of other critters. Leader, entertainer, meditator and joker... from bickering with Nick to diving head first into the Bushtucker Trials, take a look at Noel's Outback Adventure.

  • Noel Edmonds

Noel loses the pot

He's the Camp rebel and loves flouting the rules, but it all comes back to haunt Noel when he drops the precious saucepan lid into the river. Chaos ensues when he and Emily head off to retrieve it from the bottom of the creek.

The Outback Shack disappoints the Celebs

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Noel and Fleur take their hard-earned Dingo Dollars to the Outback Shack for a treat and opt for some scampi fries over the remaining luxury items. But when they actually win and uncover Kiosk Kev's tiny portion, they can't help but wonder if they made the right choice - and the Celebs back at Camp end up asking the same question.

The stars refuse to align for Noel and Nick's Bushtucker Trial

Catching A Falling Star proves to be a tricky task for Noel and Nick's gripping joint Bushtucker Trial. Who knew a couple of clear boxes could provide so much tension? High above the Jungle lake, Noel digs among the critters for stars before trying to drop them into Nick's hands without them falling into the murky depths of the water below. Oh, and there's just a casual 130,000 bugs keeping them company.