Rebekah Vardy

Becky's Jungle Journey

There was no Trial too terrible for Becky Vardy - the third Celebrity to leave the Jungle. She brought glamour to the Outback and proved that the ladies are just as tough as the fellas when it came to both physical challenges and mental determination. Her time in Camp is complete; let’s relive her Jungle journey.

  • Rebekah Vardy

In Pictures: Becky's Outback adventure

No critter (nor Campmate!) could shake this feisty lady’s nerves of steel - your votes determined that Rebekah Vardy is the third Celeb out of the Jungle! She impressed us all with her mental and physical determination in the face of basic rations, rats and racing through the Outback. Here’s her adventure from Day 1.

The last taste of luxury as she met her fellow Campmates

The Wretched Wreck was an abrupt welcome to the Outback

  • Rebekah Vardy

First Look: Will Jamie be left in the dark?

It's a dark and uncomfortable situation for Becky and Jamie in this sneak peek of tonight's Bushtucker Trial. You voted for the pair to go Grot Holing, and it looks as though Jamie's struggling to find his way. They're two of our strongest campers but they need to tighten up and work together, or else they'll both be screwed.

Find out how far they get tonight at 9pm on ITV.