Rita Simons

Rita's whirlwind 24 hours out of the Jungle

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's a bit of a whirlwind when you leave the Jungle, and Rita's taken it next level and not been to bed! But she's feeling pretty good about being out of the Jungle, as she tells Scarlett on Extra Camp 24 hours after saying goodbye to her fellow Celebs.

  • Rita Simons

Rita leaves the Jungle!

Thanks to your votes it's the end of Rita's time in the Jungle, but what a journey it's been! She's faced all of her fears and kept the Camp in order with her straight-talking ways. Rita chats to Dec and Holly about her whirlwind experience.

  • Rita Simons

In Pictures: Rita's Outback Adventure

She's held her own against the boys and bonded closely with the girls... thanks to your votes Rita's time in the Jungle is up! The soap star brought us straight-talking sass, showed a seriously supportive side as well as super strength in every Trial that came her way. Take a look at her journey through the Australian Outback.

  • Rita Simons

In Pictures: Stars of the Silver Scream

A movie night with popcorn never looked so unappealing... Rita and James face a test of nerves, tongue action as well as movie knowledge as they take on Stars of the Silver Scream. Despite a close encounter with pythons, spiders, crabs and scorpions, the duo secure an impressive eight out of a possible nine stars for Camp by the time the end credits roll. Go team!