Rita Simons

It's a Dingo Dollar disaster for Harry and Rita

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Top marks for the outfits, but that's pretty much the only success of the day for Rita and Harry as they pan for gold in the Dingo Dollar Challenge. After some serious graft, their trip to the Outback Shack sees the promise of ice pops snatched from them when the Celebs fail to answer the question correctly.

A spot of spot popping divides the Celebs

What's a Camp full of bored Celebs embracing their natural beauty to do on these long Jungle days? Pop each other's spots, apparently... While Rita and Emily got stuck in to Sair and Fleur, Harry and James were less keen to get involved. Can't think why.

Rita's tactics backfire at the Boating Lake

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With the battle lines well and truly drawn in the Immunity Games, Rita, Emily, James and Malique are pitted against each other in the Boating Lake. It's a test of patience and endurance to stop the boats from sinking, but Rita's dirty distraction technique ends up backfiring when she gets a bit too distracted and sinks her boat!

Lunch portions cause tension between John and Rita

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Rita's fed up of rationing, and asks Camp cook John to bulk out the lunch rice. Her abrupt tone doesn't sit so well with the entertainer and there's ripples of tension, which makes the otherwise harmonious Camp just a little uncomfortable.

In Pictures: James, John and Rita complete The Quest

The pressure was on for Rita, John and James as they headed into the Australian Outback to take on The Quest. After their fellow Celebs secured them a healthy 85 minutes in the Live Trial, it was time for the trio to channel some serious determination and find all 11 stars - with a luxury feast up for grabs. The hungry Campmates tore through the Jungle and managed to nab all but one of the stars - leaving Nick to go hungry while the the rest of the Celebs dined in style. Here's how it unfolded.

The Quest trio zip to the finish - but the final star is out of reach

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They've tirelessly trekked across the Outback in a bid to win the Celebs a luxury feast, but a zipline to the finish goes all too quickly for John, Rita and James when the eleventh star slips through John's fingers. It means one Celeb will have to miss out on the luxury feast, and the trio head back to Camp knowing there's a big decision to make.

The Quest begins - on a cliffhanger

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The Quest is on! With the minutes slipping away Rita, John and James get their heads in the game and begin The Quest. Their first mission is to collect three flags as they abseil down a cliff. Just a normal day in the Jungle, then.