Shappi Khorsandi

The Shappi Khorsandi Quiz

She kept us highly entertained with her cheery outlook and was happy to take the role of mum, always looking out for her fellow Celebs. She was the first Campmate out of the Jungle, but how well did you get to know Shappi on her I'm A Celebrity... journey? Take the quiz and find out...

  • Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi's adventure in the Outback

She conquered her biggest fear with a smile on her face, and was always ready with a hug for her fellow Campmates. Your votes determined that our caring comedian was the first Celebrity to leave the Jungle - here's her big adventure. Thanks for the lols, Shappi!

  • Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi's Jungle journey

Your votes have determined that our happy Shappi is the first Celebrity out of the Jungle! She's kept us laughing with one liners ahoy, conquered her fear of heights and then some, and stood by her Prime Minister as dutiful deputy. Let's relive her journey through the Jungle.

'You're a happy chappy, Shappi' - what an introduction!

When you've not even entered the Jungle yet and you're being made to face your biggest fear...

  • Shappi Khorsandi

Jungle Quiz: How much do you remember about Day 10?

Iain tackled his fear of heights and reached for the stars in Space Your Fears, securing 11 meals for the Celebs. Looking forward to a big feast, the Campmates were left less than satisfied by the food delivery and things got a bit heated as Amir and Kez argued over the fire. How much do you remember about the little moments from Day 10 in Camp? Take this quiz and see if you're a Jungle master.