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Stanley Johnson returns to Extra Camp!

Video guidance This video contains strong language

One year on from his Jungle adventure, I'm A Celeb royalty and all-round legend Stanley Johnson returns, and takes his place on the Extra Camp sofa to discuss the latest goings on in Camp.

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The Stanley Johnson Quiz

We were living for his one-liners and he got a modern-day education from the younger Celebs on Whatsapp, vlogging, the appeal of a Cheesestring, but how much did you learn about Stanley Johnson from his time in Camp? Take the quiz and test your knowledge of all things SJ.

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Stanley's Jungle Journey

He's one of the most fascinating characters to ever enter Camp - your votes have determined that Stanley Johnson is the fifth Celebrity to leave the Jungle.
A fountain of knowledge and full of remarkable puns, the Jungle's oldest Campmate has provided no end of entertainment. Here's his journey through the Jungle.

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In Pictures: Stanley's Outback adventure

He's the politest man in Camp and has proved that age is just a number - Stanley Johnson is the fifth Celebrity to leave the Jungle!
At 77 years old, Stanley is the oldest Celeb to ever appear on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! The author provided endless entertainment with his incredible knowledge, witty one-liners, puns for days and adorable friendships. An absolute gentleman from start to finish - let's relive his adventure from the beginning.

'You're a happy chappy, Shappi' - making wonderful quips from the outset

Every day was a learning curve for Stanley - who had never watched the show before

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6 things we learnt on Day 17

They may be in the middle of Australian Jungle, but Day 17 in Camp felt like a very British affair - there was talk of pub lunches, a good old chinwig about relationships and a trip to the boozer in a black cab. Here's what we learnt from our Celebs on Day 17.

1. Silence is (sometimes) golden

It was a subdued morning in Camp as the Celebs awaited Ant and Dec’s arrival.

All too aware of their dwindling numbers, the Campmates sat in a contemplative state – a rare moment of quiet for a Camp full of people who live life in the spotlight. To us it felt like a mark of true friendship – being able to sit side by side and not say a word.
That, or they really are getting fed up of each other.

2. Stanley is a surprisingly elegant diver

Chatting to Iain about their remaining time in the Jungle, Stanley warned the radio host of an impending splash as he geared himself to dive into the creek. But his entry into the water was an absolute thing of beauty, with nothing more than a gentle ripple reaching Iain at the water's edge. Who expected that from the 77-year-old? So lithe.