Tony Hadley

Jorgie's trapped!

Poor old Jorgie has been caught in a trap and catapulted into the air, high above the trees! It's up to our Spandau Ballet frontman Tony to fire ​balls at his target​ and try to release her. Is he up to the job, or will she be stuck up there forever?

Bushtucker Trial: Depths of Despair

If you've ever wanted to see a multi-millionaire business mogul strung up and hung upside down, this is the Bushtucker Trial for you! Duncan Bannatyne is being dunked into a plunge pool in order to retrieve only the yellow (NOT RED!) vouchers.

Each yellow voucher wins more time for Tony Hadley, who is in an underwater coffin trying to find as many stars as is physically possible. It's a team effort but the duo won't be alone, as they'll be joined by a whole host of gruesome water critters. Will they manage to retrieve all the stars?

First look! See Duncan get dunked

He was desperate to do a Trial and now he's doing one. Be careful what you wish for Duncan! Our outspoken Campmate is left hanging over a pool in tonight's Trial. What could he possibly have to do to earn dinner for Camp?

Watch the clip to find out and tune in tonight at 9pm, ITV to see if he succeeds.

Beetle Gate...

Who would have thought such a tiny little insect could cause so much strife? Prepare for Beetle Gate as our Campmates bicker over whether or not a beetle should have been thrown on the campfire...

Prepare for LOTS more insults thrown from Lady C, who calls Tony a Dumbo, a chippy oik, a bully, a liar and the mouth of diarrhea. All in one clip! Classic Lady C.

Bushtucker Trial: Steps To Hell

Tony, Vicky and Kieron go head to head for their respective teams in our latest Bushtucker Trial, which sees our Campmates use the power of their tongues. As they clamber through perspex tubes chock-full of critters, who will be the first to release all the stars and claim victory?