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What Vanessa did next

What's the first thing Vanessa did after her exit from Camp? Grab a big dinner, catch up with her pals or brush up on Bon Jovi? Find out.

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The Vanessa White Quiz

How closely did you follow Vanessa's journey through the Jungle? She faced some tough times but always came out smiling - this feisty songstress was the fourth Celebrity to leave Camp thanks to your votes. Test yourself and see how much you know about Vanessa.

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6 things we learnt on Day 17

They may be in the middle of Australian Jungle, but Day 17 in Camp felt like a very British affair - there was talk of pub lunches, a good old chinwig about relationships and a trip to the boozer in a black cab. Here's what we learnt from our Celebs on Day 17.

1. Silence is (sometimes) golden

It was a subdued morning in Camp as the Celebs awaited Ant and Dec’s arrival.

All too aware of their dwindling numbers, the Campmates sat in a contemplative state – a rare moment of quiet for a Camp full of people who live life in the spotlight. To us it felt like a mark of true friendship – being able to sit side by side and not say a word.
That, or they really are getting fed up of each other.

2. Stanley is a surprisingly elegant diver

Chatting to Iain about their remaining time in the Jungle, Stanley warned the radio host of an impending splash as he geared himself to dive into the creek. But his entry into the water was an absolute thing of beauty, with nothing more than a gentle ripple reaching Iain at the water's edge. Who expected that from the 77-year-old? So lithe.

Jungle Quiz: How much do you remember about Day 17?

Day 17 saw our Celebs attempt the Temple Of Gloom for the second time - from which Dennis emerged victorious. Stanley impressed us all with his diving skills, and our Campmates took the Rank Taxi to the pub, which provided a glorious evening of entertainment for all involved before we waved goodbye to Vanessa as she left the Jungle. See what you can remember about the details with our Day 17 quiz.

Vanessa's Jungle Journey

Vanessa White's happy to admit her survival skills weren't quite as advanced as her vocals as she prepared to enter the Jungle. We chucked snakes, spiders and perilous planks her way, but Vanessa came out smiling - and singing! She's the fourth Celebrity to leave Camp - here's her Jungle journey.

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In Pictures: Vanessa's Outback adventure

She's a smouldering popstar with fighting spirit - your votes have determined that Vanessa White is out of the Jungle!

From walking the plank high above the Australian skies, to coming face-to-face with a camel in a Donald Trump wig, this girl has proved she can handle it all. Let's relive her Jungle journey from the beginning...

Vanessa says hello to her fellow Campmates... and goodbye to the luxury villa

Hitting new heights on Day 1

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