Roman finishes in third place!

He was the first Celebrity to walk into Camp as a Power Pair with Myles, and he walks out at the final with his head held high - radio DJ Roman Kemp is your third place Celebrity! He chats to Ant & Dec about his incredible adventure.

Your I'm A Celebrity... 2019 series highlights!

They started on luxury yachts and soon fell from great heights to the depths of the Jungle. Our 12 Celebrities have taken on terrors, horrors and every kind of critter in epic Bushtucker Trials and braved it through harsh conditions in Camp. As the finalists say goodbye to their final portion of rice and beans, we take a look at this year's epic I'm A Celebrity adventure.

Jacqueline's worst fears are realised in her final Trial

Video guidance This video contains strong language

She's faced a mammoth amount of Bushtucker terror, but there's one final face-off for Jacqueline as she takes on Stake Out to win the Camp's starters, her drink and a treat at the final feast. With 51 huntsman spiders standing in her way as well as buckets of other horrors, it's a terrifying ordeal for the soap star to endure.