Nadine leaves the Jungle!

She took on every Trial and Challenge with a smile and a hair flick, but Nadineโ€™s Jungle journey has come to an end! The singer is the eighth to leave Camp thanks to your votes, and heads straight into the welcoming arms of Ant & Dec to chat about her I'm A Celebrity... experience.

Caitlyn leaves the Jungle!

From her luxury lifestyle in Malibu all the way to the Jungle, Caitlyn is the seventh Campmate to leave the Jungle thanks to your votes. She's kept the Celebs motivated and and approached every Trial like a true pro; the reality star and Olympian is full of emotion as she talks to Ant & Dec about her time in Camp.

Roman and Andy are in a spin in the Pump of Peril

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's a mighty Bushtucker Trial with a mighty reward - a bonus round of drinks is up for grabs in the Pump of Peril. Andy's got his eyes on the prize but a load of fish guts and oil makes things hard to see, while Roman gets repeatedly dunked as they try to crack the quiz.