Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

ITV Able

ITV Able is ITV's Disability network for ITV colleagues. We are here for everyone who wants to learn more about Disability.

ITV is for everyone. ITV Able believes that brilliant people can do brilliant things - this is true for Disabled people too!  We don't want to live in a world where Disabled people are marginalised or airbrushed out of life. We raise awareness and provide a platform where people feel comfortable sharing their stories.

Whether you identify as Disabled, see yourself as an ally, or even a curious colleague or friend, you are welcome. Together, we can work to make a difference.

The network works across all of ITV to share knowledge, connect and create change. We do this by building up a community of interested staff members. By hosting exciting and engaging events, we boost positive learning and honest conversations. Disability is nothing to be scared of.

ITV Able is coordinated by a small group of Chairs and co-Chairs from across the UK.  We represent different departments and levels of the organisation. We work with the other internal ITV Networks and alongside Disability groups from companies such as the BBC and Channel 4, for both work and social events.

Co-chaired by: Bethany Young, Casey Shaw, Lisa Thompson, Lyndsay Theobald and Stuart Coulson

Board Sponsor: Mark Smith

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion